About IWR

IWR is operated by dedicated veterinarians and wildlife specialists with expertise and experience in the care and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife. We provide expertise for preparing and executing oil spill response operations for sea otters and other marine and terrestrial mammals. IWR is available to help responsible government agencies and the oil industry prepare contingency plans for wildlife oil spills and organize a capture and rehabilitation program for oiled marine and terrestrial mammals. In addition, our architectural and engineering division designs and fabricates rehabilitation facilities, pens, and cages. Our methods for cleaning and treating fur-bearing marine mammals are also directly applicable to terrestrial mammals such as fox, bear, and caribou.

IWR has an ongoing program of research to improve rehabilitation procedures for oiled fur-bearing mammals. Researchers at IWR developed the current methods of cleaning oiled sea otters and seals. At IWR, we investigate and test methods that will shorten the rehabilitation process, reduce the stress associated with captivity, increase the survivorship of oiled animals, and reduce the overall cost of wildlife rehabilitation.

IWR has been training wildlife responders for over 15 years. We have organized national and regional workshops that provide hands-on experience and intensive training on the cleaning and care of oiled marine mammals. We are now expanding our training program to include web-based training and education to reach a much wider range of persons interested in wildlife rehabilitation.