Oiled Sea Otter Rehabilitation Course

IWR Organization Structure for Alaska

IWR has an Alaska Regional Director and a Response Coordinator who respond to the needs of clients and trustee agencies in Alaska. They ensure that oil spill contingency plans for wildlife are implemented and that IWR can respond quickly and efficiently should a spill occur. In the event of a an oil spill, IWR’s cooperate management, facilities designers, and non-regional contractors are mobilized to the spill scene as well.

Professional and Technical subcontractors or temporary employees are people like yourself who agree to respond within 72 hours if a spill occurs and who have attended a two day training program. These trained people are vital to the success of a rescue and rehabilitation program. They are employed when needed during a spill as subcontractors or through a Technical Support Services agency which provides payroll, tax services, and insurance on behalf of IWR.

The project workers on IWR’s projects are either 1) IWR employees; 2) temporary subcontractor employees of Chugach North Technical Services; or 3) independent contractors.